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Bootstrapping Make

4 minute read

Have C or C++ project to build? You may think, “Yeah this is very easy, I’ll just call the compiler to do so”, and yes, let’s take a look at an example.

Setting up Ubuntu in VMware Workstation

3 minute read

A quick step-by-step guide for those wanting to get in touch with Ubuntu in a virtual machine with minimal effort. For example, at the start of a semester of Operating System Concepts course.

Access your Raspberry Pi remotely with SSH

3 minute read

Do you have a personal server at home but can’t access it from work or travel because your home doesn’t have a public IP? If so, then, this article is what you’re looking for.

Chisel 配置及入门

8 minute read

Chisel (Constructing Hardware In a Scala Embedded Language) 是一种嵌入在高级编程语言 Scala 的硬件构建语言。Chisel 实际上只是一些特殊的类定义,预定义对象的集合,使用 Scala 的用法,所以在写 Chisel 程序时实际上是在写 Scala 程序,通过 Chisel 提供的库进行硬件构建。

Programming the On-Board SPI Flash of Digilent Nexys4 DDR

less than 1 minute read

This semester I have the course “Experiments of Digital Circuits”, the content of which is designing digital circuits using Vivado software, and writing Verilog code. Most of the lab papers require generating bitstream for the project and downloading it to Nexys4 DDR board to verify the functiona...

Pairing the new Xbox One S controller (2018) with Android

1 minute read

I just bought an Xbox One S controller yesterday, expecting it would pair with my Android phone via Bluetooth. I have learned that the key mapping would be a bit messed up because it’s a Microsoft product, and have already prepared for it by downloading a key layout file and placing it in my phon...