Master student majoring in CS at USTC, hobbiest programmer and passionate geek. Mostly a developer, often a DevOps engineer and Linux SysAdmin.

Python, C, C++ and Go are my primary options for course labs and new projects, though I always like trying something new (and that’s why I have a little taste of everything).

Also loves casual and puzzle gaming.

In action

I’m an active contributor on GitHub across various repositories. You can see a list of all my pull requests using GitHub search.

I’m also an avid user on Stack Overflow:

Profile for iBug at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers Profile for iBug at Stack Exchange

See my questions and answers on Stack Overflow, or view a selected list of my good posts.

Quick facts

On the techie side (more about my skills here):

Advanced knowledge

  • Programming: Python, C++, C, Bash (these are also my top tags on Stack Overflow) and Go, Ruby
  • Software: Git, Jekyll, OpenSSH

Intermediate knowledge

  • Programming: the Web Trilogy (HTML / CSS / JavaScript), Node.js, VBScript
  • Framework: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, jQuery, Flask, Electron
  • Software: Vim, Nginx, Systemd, Docker, Proxmox VE, Linux LVM, Make, LXC / LXD, Singularity (Container)
  • Miscellaneous: Linux Networking (routing, tunneling, firewall, iptables etc.) plus various networking protocols (HTTP and DNS etc.)

Basic knowledge

  • Programming: SQL (MySQL 5.7+ / MariaDB 10.1+, SQLite 3), Perl, Verilog,
  • Framework: Sinatra, Django, React, Chisel
  • Software: ZFS plus a long list
  • Technology: something used to be here,


  • Linux distro: Ubuntu (desktop / workstation), Debian (server) and Proxmox VE (virtualization platform)
  • Version control: Git (and good at it)
  • Text editor: Visual Studio Code and <ESC>:wq (get my config)
  • Automation: Shell scripts, Make, Systemd services, Docker, AWS Lambda

Working environment

My workstation in office (headless) is equipped with Ryzen 9 3900X, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Docker, LXD, KVM (libvirt), plus Python, Ruby, Go and Node.js, etc, and I do my work over SSH (and VS Code Remote - SSH) every day.

Windows Terminal is the best terminal for Windows.

MSI produces high-performance gaming laptops with very comfortable and beautiful keyboards.


  • Primary languages:
    • Chinese:
      • Native to Simplified (written) and Mandarin (spoken)
      • Reads Traditional fluently
    • English: Proficient as a foreign language, preferred language for working and entertainment
      • Why I blog in English: So that my blog reaches a wider audience
  • Secondary languages: French and Spanish (both limited usage)
  • My blog
  • My entertainment


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