Master student majoring in CS at USTC, hobbiest programmer and passionate geek. Mostly a developer and Linux system administrator.

Python, C, C++ and Go are my primary options for course labs and new projects, though I always like trying something new (and that’s why I have a little taste of everything).

Also loves casual and puzzle gaming.

In action

I’m an active contributor on GitHub across various repositories, and the current maintainer of Minimal Mistakes. You can see a list of all my pull requests using GitHub search.

I’m also an avid user on Stack Overflow:

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See my questions and answers on Stack Overflow, or view a selected list of my good posts.

Quick facts

On the techie side (more about my skills here):

Advanced knowledge

  • Programming: Python, C++, C, Bash (these are also my top tags on Stack Overflow) and Go, Ruby
  • Software: Docker, Git, Jekyll, Nginx, OpenSSH, Vim
  • Other: Linux Networking (routing, tunneling, firewall, iptables etc.) plus various networking protocols (HTTP and DNS etc.)

Intermediate knowledge

  • Programming: the Web Trilogy (HTML / CSS / JavaScript), Node.js, VBScript
  • Framework: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, jQuery, Flask, Electron
  • Software: Proxmox VE, a little bit of everything on Ubuntu and Debian servers, Make, LXC / LXD, ZFS

Basic knowledge

  • Programming: SQL (MySQL 5.7+ / MariaDB 10.1+, SQLite 3), Perl
  • Framework: Sinatra, Django, React, Chisel
  • Software: omitted for brevity


  • Linux distro: Ubuntu (desktop / workstation), Debian (server) and Proxmox VE (virtualization platform)
  • Version control: Git (and good at it)
  • Text editor: Visual Studio Code and <ESC>:wq (get my config)
  • Automation: Shell scripts, Make, Systemd services, Docker, AWS Lambda

Working environment

My workstation in office (headless) is equipped with Ryzen 9 5950X, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Docker, LXD, KVM (libvirt), plus Python, Ruby, Go and Node.js, etc, and I do my work over SSH (and VS Code Remote - SSH) every day.

Windows Terminal is the best terminal for Windows.

MSI produces high-performance gaming laptops with very comfortable and beautiful keyboards.


  • Primary languages:
    • Chinese:
      • Native to Simplified (written) and Mandarin (spoken)
      • Reads Traditional fluently
      • No dialects
    • English: Proficient as a foreign language, preferred language for working and entertainment
      • Why I blog in English: So that my blog reaches a wider audience
  • Secondary languages: French and Spanish (both limited usage)
  • My blog
  • My entertainment


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