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Creating templated Systemd services

2 minute read

Last time I wrote an article about NAT traversal using FRP, which has been my personal solution for exposing SSH access of machines behind NAT to the internet for a long time.

Using SSH deploy keys on CircleCI

2 minute read

A year ago back I wrote an article on automating build & deployment of GitHub Pages website with Travis CI. It’s a great CI service at first, but since Travis CI has completely moved away from containers, speed is a real issue to whoever is concerned. On the other side, CircleCI is continuing...


12 minute read

21 世纪是信息时代,在信息时代中,每个人都有能力去自由地产生、获取、使用和传递信息。而在信息的获取和传递的过程中,计算机互联网是最重要的载体。随着 21 世纪的到来,计算机互联网也走入了家家户户,成为百姓日常生活中不可或缺的基础设施。而随着网络的普及,与其相关的安全事项自然也成为了一个重要话题。

How I saved a lost commit from GitHub

2 minute read

Earlier today I force-pushed to my repository USTC-RV-Chisel for testing purposes, without noticing that my local ref origin/master is 1 commit behind the actual master on GitHub. My friend pushed his work (1 commit) to it, and now it’s lost.


6 minute read

2019 年春季中科大《数理方程》课程的一道思考题,最高可给总评加 5 分

Build a minimal Linux system and run it in QEMU

6 minute read

Linux is the #1 open-source operating system nowadays, and many people are running a Linux distro, such as Ubuntu or Arch. Linux is also the most popular choice for a server OS.