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解决 Win10 自带微软输入法卡顿

昨天开始我用 Windows 10 自带的微软输入法开始出现了严重的卡顿,表现是时不时的按下键盘后要等一秒钟才会出现候选列表,尤其是在切换窗口的时候能卡 2-3 秒。进入 Win10 设置应用,找到微软拼音输入法,把所有设置都改了一遍,把云联想也关了,还是没啥变化。

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Setting up a GitHub webhook on AWS Lambda

Last month I set up my own Telegram bot for GitHub event notification. To receive GitHub events via webhook, a receiver is needed. True, it isn’t hard to write a Flask or Sinatra server and throw t...

7 minute read

A Deep Dive into Containers

Since years ago, containers have been a hot topic everywhere. There are many container softwares like Docker, Linux Containers and Singularity. It’s hard to say one understand what containers are w...

24 minute read

Keep using Flash Player in browsers in 2021

It’s 2021 now, and Adobe Flash Player has been end-of-life after December 31, 2020. There are many cases where you want to retain it, however. For example, you may want to keep enjoying an old game...

2 minute read

Working against WordPress DeBlocker plugin

I’ll go straight to the solution (keep in mind that it’s considerably primitive, so use at your own risk) with code attached below. It’s a Tampermonkey userscript.

5 minute read

Clash for Windows 自定义规则整合

自从今年年初换了机场之后,我从 Shadowsocks-Windows 换到了 Clash for Windows。Clash 确实比纯 SS 好用多了,尤其是订阅功能,特别是订阅里还可以自带一系列分流规则。不过我用的那个订阅规则不够完善,想要自己添加一些。以前用 SS 的时候,我自己写了 PAC 脚本用于实现分流,当然可控性也更好,这次不方便用 PAC 了,就得研究研究 CFW 的功能了,...

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