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Chisel 配置及入门

Chisel (Constructing Hardware In a Scala Embedded Language) 是一种嵌入在高级编程语言 Scala 的硬件构建语言。Chisel 实际上只是一些特殊的类定义,预定义对象的集合,使用 Scala 的用法,所以在写 Chisel 程序时实际上是在写 Scala 程序,通过 Chisel 提供的库进行硬件构建。

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Programming the On-Board SPI Flash of Digilent Nexys4 DDR

This semester I have the course “Experiments of Digital Circuits”, the content of which is designing digital circuits using Vivado software, and writing Verilog code. Most of the lab papers require...

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Alpha-Beta Pruning

As described in a previous article, Alpha-Beta pruning can be used to speed up minimax heuristic searching by pruning branches that will never be reached.

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Making a Reversi game with Python

As a casual attempt to accomplish a Grand Assignment, I created a Reversi game with Python. The project is open-source on GitHub and you can view it with the link above.

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