Debugging Proxmox VE Firewall Dropping TCP Reset Packets

A few days back when I was setting up a new VM to host some extra websites, I noticed an unexpected Nginx error page. As I don’t administer the new websites, I just added reverse proxy rules on the...

11 minute read

Prolonging eMMC Life Span with Proxmox VE

Since my blog on installing Proxmox VE on eMMC, there’s been a lot of discussion over the Internet on this. I suspect that Proxmox decided not to include eMMCs in their hardware options by design, ...

6 minute read

My automated Daily Health Report infrastructure

Back in the days when the Zero COVID policy was prevailing, our university introduced a Daily Health Report system. Students and faculty were mandated to submit a daily online form detailing their ...

6 minute read

Overengineering Advent of Code 2022

Advent of Code (Wikipedia, link) is an annual event that releases a programming puzzle every day from December 1 to December 25. It’s a great chance to learn a new language or practice your skills.

9 minute read