My firewall solution for RDP

Today I stumbled upon this V2EX post (Simplified Chinese) where the OP shared their PowerShell implementation of a “makeshift fail2ban” for RDP (their GitHub repository). Their script looked very c...

2 minute read

Debugging Proxmox VE Firewall Dropping TCP Reset Packets

A few days back when I was setting up a new VM to host some extra websites, I noticed an unexpected Nginx error page. As I don’t administer the new websites, I just added reverse proxy rules on the...

11 minute read

My automated Daily Health Report infrastructure

Back in the days when the Zero COVID policy was prevailing, our university introduced a Daily Health Report system. Students and faculty were mandated to submit a daily online form detailing their ...

6 minute read

Secure site-to-site connection with Linux IPsec VPN

Linux has a built-in framework for Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), which is often combined with other tunneling technologies (e.g. L2TP and GRE) to create secure cross-site network connections....

15 minute read

Access your Raspberry Pi remotely with SSH

Do you have a personal server at home but can’t access it from work or travel because your home doesn’t have a public IP? If so, then, this article is what you’re looking for.

3 minute read