Check me out on Steam!

  • Baba Is You by Arvi Teikari - Best indie puzzling game of 2019
  • Grand Theft Auto V - My first legal copy of game bought from Steam
  • Minecraft - Needs no explanation! (My username: iBugOne)
  • LIMBO and INSIDE - Two great 2D “adventure” game with some puzzling components

For a more complete list, please visit my notebook but be aware that part of the content there is in Chinese.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

I play MSC a lot so it is worth a dedicated section for description. (Xbox User ID: iBugOne)

Here are my stats:

My game status as of January 1, 2021 My Star Club status as of January 1, 2021

I particularly like FreeCell and I’ve completed all FC challenges in Star Club. The Expert level FC games are very enjoyable! I’m currently working on getting 100% on Pyramids challenges because it’s almost as fun.


I started practicing Minesweeper when I was 15, and I can complete a Hard board (30x16, 99 mines) within 3 minutes (personal best 162 sec). I also have the record of completing a Hard board without using flags on a touchscreen in less than 6 minutes.


Movies & TV

  • Mr. Bean series from the 1990s
    • I particularly like the scene where Mr. Bean drives off sitting on the roof of his Mini. (YouTube)
  • Johnny English (2003), also by Rowan Atkinson
  • The Lion King (1994), not the 2019-refurbished version
  • The Big Bang Theory


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